• Mechanical Engineer

    工作地点 CN-Jiangsu
  • 概述/职位总结

           Support mechanical supervisor and manager to manage equipment maintenance, apply RCM to improve equipment reliability and increase the overall availability, result  in  productivities improvement.

          协助机械主管及经理进行设备维修管理, 运用可靠性维修的知识来提高设备的可靠性, 增加设备的可利用率,从而提高设备的产能。



    • 严格遵守公司的EHS规章制度,安全地工作。积极参与安全改善,营造一个安全的工作环境。

    Comply with company EHS rules and regulations and work safely.  Take an active part in safety improvement to creat a safe work environment.

    • 建立设备的预防性保养计划、日常点检并领导和督促执行,做好文档记录。

    Set up equipment preventive maintenance plan and  spot inspection, lead and  and supervise team members to execute and document the results.

    • 提出设备维修保养计划和改善计划并领导或指导实施。

    Propose equipment maintenance plan and improvement plan, lead or guide team members to execute.

    • 带领团队成员积极参与紧急故障维修,最小化设备故障停机时间。

    Lead the team members to proactively participate emergency maintennance, minimize the equipment breakdown time.

    • 对现场设备的缺陷、故障进行跟踪分析,并提出改善、解决方案。

    Track the equipment defects and analyse the failures, raise the improvement or solutions.

    • 制定设备的使用管理制度,对设备使用与运行状况进行检查、监督、控制和指导。

    Develop equipment utilization and management regulations, Check, supervise, control and guide the equipment utilization and operation status.

    • 主导或协助参与设备改造、扩建项目, 优化改善设备的功能和产能以满足公司的业务需求。

    Lead or assit revamping or expansion projects, optimize the equipment function and improve the capacity to satisfy company’s business requirements.

    • 领导或支持资本性项目,制定项目范围和规范,并提供技术支持,参与设备的选型、安装、调试和验收。 

    Lead or support capital project, develop the project scope and specification. Provide technical support and proposal, supervise the equipment installation, commissioning and FAC.

    • 有效地进行备件管理,对现场备件进行统计,及时提出库存需求,协助采购部门建立一个合理的备件库存。

    Effectively manage the spare parts, collect the spaer parts information and propose the stock requirement in time.  Assist procurement to set up a reasonable stock..

    • 高效地管理外包商,提高外包服务的质量和效率。

    Effectively manage contrctor  and improve the quality and effectiveness of outsource service.

    • 对关键设备零部件进行历史跟踪,并定期给出分析报告。

    Track the key parts‘ history record and provide analysis report timely.

    • 利用可靠性工具FMEARCFA等分析设备故障,制定相应的PMPdM 及改善计划,提高设备的可靠性。 

    Utilize FMEA, RCFA and others RCM tools to analyse failures, develop corresponding PM, PdM and improvement plan to improve equipment reliability.

    • 编写SWPDetailed Job PlanOPL及其它维修标准,并培训团队成员,以共同提高维修技能。

    Develop SWP, Detailed Job Plan, OPL and some other maintenance standards to train the team members to improve  maintenance skills.

    • 协助主管在团队内推广可靠性维修的理念,积极参可靠性维修活动,运用可靠性维修的知识来管理设备。

    Support supervisor to promote RCM concept among team members and actively take part in RCM activities.  Apply RCM knowledge to manage the equipment.

    • 带领团队成员做好现场6S工作,创造一个安全的、舒适的工作环境。

    Lead the team members to do well 6S works on site , create a safe and comfortable work environment.

    • 根据安排需要完成其它的维护工作。

    Support some other maintenance works as required.


    • 本科及以上教育背景,机械或机电一体化相关专业。

    Bachelor or above degree majored in Engineering Sciences, Mechanical preferred.

    • 至少3-5年以上制造行业维修工作经验或非标设计工作经验。

    With a minimum of 3-5 years maintenance experience in manufacturing company or nonstandard design.

    • 熟悉CMMSCAD、及Ms Office工具。

    Be familiar with CMMS, CAD and Ms Office

    • 熟悉维修管理,RCMFMEARCFA有一定的了解。

    Be familiar with maintenance management and have basic knowledge of RCM, FMEA and RCFA.

    • 良好的沟通能力与团队合作精神。

                Good communication skills and teamwork spirit.

    • 具有系统决策能力、问题解决和故障处理能力。

                 Possess systematic decision making, problem solving and trouble shooting skills

    • 能够在高压下承担多项任务

           Be able to undertake multiple tasks under high pressure.

    • 具有开放意识并愿意与人分享经验和教训。

    Open-mind and willing to share experience and lessons.

    • 良好的英语口语及书写能力
    • Good English skill both in oral and written
    • 有非标设备改造项目经验优先考虑
    • With nonstandard equipment design or renovation project experience is preferred.



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