• Production Fine Planner

    工作地点 CN-Jiangsu
    Supply Chain & Logistics
  • 概述/职位总结

    • This position is responsible for execution of MPS plans, translate MPS into daily plans. This position facilitates the execution and bridges production with long term planning. Depending on workshops, the position holds KPIs of WIP inventory control, furnace loading rate, raw material Min-Max control and production delivery performance.


    • Implement the safety first principle, follow HSE rules and safety operation procedures, timely report the accident and near miss events, participate in HSE training. Be responsible for the security of oneself and colleagues


    • Create daily workshop production plan base on Master plan;
    • 根据计划部主计划编制生产部各区域的日生产计划;
    • Coordinate with workshop to fulfill production plan and ensure workshop running efficiently;
    • 协调各区域完成生产计划确保高效率的生产
    • Timely adjust plan base on the change of production progress and customer demand;
    • 根据生产进度及需求计划的变更情况,对生产计划进行适时调整;
    • According to material supply, adjust production timely to ensure customer order delivery;
    • 了解物料供应情况,合理调整生产计划以达成交付要求;
    • Track the implementation of production plan and communicate with the material planner timely;
    • 汇总各区域的生产计划执行情况,与主计划沟通;
    • Participate the daily meeting with the shift supervisors to review and analysis the production plan, order delivery status and further improvement;
    • 每日参加生产领班会议,检讨前一天生产计划及出货达成状况并分析及改善;
    • Daily monitor the workshop status, get the accurate information, discover and solve the problem from the site;
    • 每日现场状况监控,及时准确了解现场信息,发现并解决问题;
    • Follow the standard work hour, reasonable arrange the manpower and work with each line to optimize the production efficiency;
    • 按照标准工时,合理计划安排人力,协同产线及时优化生产效率;
    • Monitor the material consumption, control material scrap and lost to save the cost;
    • 监控直接材料的损耗, 控制物料报废与丢失,降低公司成本;
    • Handle the work order close, control the WIP inventory and balance the production;
    • 主导工单及时关闭,WIP量合理统筹管控, 确保生产平衡;
    • Summary the monthly plan target achievement, analysis and take action for those items which are not meet the target, make the improvement of the production efficiency;
    • 月计划达成率总结,针对未达成的项目进行会议检讨与改善,促使生产效率的提高;


    • Education: College degree or above
    • 教育背景:大专及其以上学历;
    • Experience: 3+ years working experience in production planning; automotive industry is preferred;
    • 工作经验:3年以上在生产计划部门的工作经验;偏好汽车行业经验;
    • Language: Good English in reading/writing, able to understand English documents; good Oral English is a plus;
    • 语言能力:良好的英语读写能力,须能理解英文文件;良好的口语能力是加分项;
    • Computer Skill: Good in Excel; experience with MES production system is a plus;


    • Others: Excellent communication skillsWorking under pressure; responsible personality; be capable to work in front line workshops.
    • 其他:良好的沟通能力;能在压力下工作;具有责任心;能在生产车间一线工作。


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