Customer Service Representative

CN-Jiangsu Sheng
Supply Chain & Logistics


To be the day-to-day contact person of, taking care of communication with, maintaining a good relationship with and offering a good service to the customer to safeguard and improve the customer satisfaction in order to achieve year plan targets.


  1. Administration and follow-up of customer orders


Processing and follow-up of customer orders in a fast, correct and efficient manner in order to respond in time and correct to customer requests


Core activities:

  • Registering orders
  • Pro-active planning of planned consumption based on customer forecast where logistical agreements have been made, taking into account the available quantity and planned load.
  • Communication with customers regarding orders, status of orders, deliveries, invoices, certificates etc.
  • Communication between Production, Planning, Logistic in order to deliver the promised quantity to the customer on a timing manner.
  • Take care of the commercial administration with regard to customer orders.
  • Follow-up of orders and execute changes on request
  • L/C administration and commercial follow-up
  • Keeping customer and product file up-to-date
  • Keeping customer specific requirements up-to-date


  1. Administration and follow-up of sample orders or qualification


Processing and follow-up of sample orders or qualification for qualifications, trials and new projects


Core activities:

  • Communication between Technology, Sales and customer in order to deliver the correct quality to the customer
  • Minimizing of costs hereto, e.g. to prevent scrap or remnant material; investigate possible combination or sales of remaining quantities to third parties.


  1. Processing of claims


Speedy and correct processing of customer claims in order to prevent this from being a negative factor in the customer relation, but to exhaust this to our advantage.


Core activities:

  • Fill-in claim form and sent it through
  • Communicate answer of IR to the customer
  • Organize returns
  • Creating of credit notes and checklists
  • Safeguard processing time
  • Safeguard and execute corrective measure when they are related to order registration.
  • Think about alternative solutions regarding processing of claims


  1. Working Capital


Control of working capital and costs in cooperation with the CSM in order to achieve set targets


Core activities

  • Regular check of material in stock and consignment stock, taking action and inform Sales where necessary
  • Support of Credit in following-up payments and invoicing related business. Inform and act in cooperation with Sales.


  1. Long Term Contracts


  • Support the Sales-/Account Manager for preparation of contact negotiations.
  • Support the Sales-/Account Manager with the preparation of mandates.
  • Administration of complex price lists


  1. Additional tasks


Strive for a best-in-class administrative organization with the sales team in order to assure continuity of service to the customer.


Core activities:


  • Keeping file in order in accordance with ISO procedures
  • Participate in projects to improve administrative processes (e.g. Oracle)
  • Back-up arrangements with CSR co-workers to assure substitution
  • Taking care of communication between customer, Sales-/Account Manager, Sales Offices and internal departments
  • Support of Sales Director, Sales- /Account Manager in setting up forecasts and year plans.
  • Responsible for compliance with BOS/SOX procedures
  • Create and maintain contact with new and existing customers
  • Visit to customers with Sales-/Account Manager
  • Prepare visits of customers, accompany plant visits.
  • Creation of product- and price analysis on customer level.
  • Propose CIP’s


  • Dimensions


  • Number of customer in the respective sales group (30-150)
  • Diversity in customer type / business (Auto/Commercial Plates /Import & Export/Specialties)



  • Bachelor Degree
  • Good communicate in both English & Mandarin
  • Knowledge of ICT – systems necessary to execute the function (e.g. Oracle)
  • Min 3 years in Customer Service areas or similar/related areas


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